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Smith & wesson model 37 airweight

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If you are familiar with this particular firearm, then you know how many other modl are similar, if not almost identical, to the Model I happened to get my hands on one of these cool little revolvers.

Smith & wesson model 37 airweight

A poor choice of words, I know, but they are the first that come to mind. The grips and size of the butt are sufficient, but barely. I have rather small hands and the grip still feels a bit small to me but airweoght again, the escort girls brisbane firearm is minute.

The handgrips are wood, and about 3. There are aftermarket grips available, though, which thicken things up for you meat fingers out.

Gun Review: Smith & Wesson 37 Airweight -

weson In the mids, the Air Force ordered a specialized version of the Airweight for military police use. This version implemented not only an aluminum frame, but also an aluminum cylinder and barrel. Testing proved that the cylinder and barrel failed pretty quickly due to heat warping, and the model was discontinued.

There have been a few variations of both the Model 36 and 37 throughout the years, such as the Model 36 Gold, which, as smoth can probably guess, had gold accents throughout the pistol.

I kind of like the design, myself, single christian life for nothing else than its simplicity.

I Looking Men Smith & wesson model 37 airweight

The tiny cylinder holds five rounds-just enough to get you out of a bad situation. The cylinder release is on the left side of the frame and takes a little force to slide so the cylinder opens.

Because this is often used as a pocket pistol, I find it a well thought-out feature. The last thing in the world you need, should you have to pull the Airweight in self-defense, is an open cylinder.

Only the cylinder and barrel are constructed of steel. The aluminum frame can handle.

Man German

I try to err on the side of safety, though, so the regular. Obviously, a one-pound, aluminum.

Smith and Wesson Model 37 AirWeight | that weird gun guy

Think. The Airweight packs a punch, even with regular factory loads. It is a double-action pistol, meaning that 73 can be operated with or without the hammer pulled.

The pull in double-action mode is quite heavy, but in single-action, it seems just right. Again, because this pistol will easily fit into even the smallest pockets, I think that a heavy trigger pull is smigh great idea.

Smith & Wesson Model 36 - Wikipedia

Many a toe has likely been saved because of it. &zmp;, because the gun itself is so short, the front and rear sights are closer together, which will effect aiming when it comes to longer distances. Most range reports say that a shooter can average three-inch groups from up to 15 sesson. Most shooters say they feel the Airweight could hit a man-sized target at 25, but most accuracy will be out the window.

Keep your eyes open, because smith & wesson model 37 airweight do come.

Because of the steel cylinder and barrel, the gun is a tad nose-heavy, but nothing out of control. I would personally rate this little pistol very high on the pocket-carry list of available makes and models.

Rex Firearms recently brought its own entry into the already crowded polymer striker-fired arena, releasing the new Rex Delta. With the Sig P X-Compact handgun, the gun maker has found that magic recipe of size and capacity.

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Since its inception inthe Desert Tech SRS has seen a few revisions with the fourth generation recently introduced Account Dealers Customer Support. My Account See Cart.

The Guns. Dealers Customer Support. Gun Review: Why is the gun so light?

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Shooting and handling Obviously, a one-pound, aluminum. Latest Headlines. Savage High Country.

The Browning Hi-Power. Latest Reviews.

Rex Delta - a New Option for Concealed Carry Rex Firearms recently brought its own entry into the already crowded polymer striker-fired arena, releasing mosel new Rex Delta. Battle of the Sub-Guns: