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What ever happened to old casual fun for the sake of having fun. Fingering fetish m4w seeking for ladies Who wouldn't mind being fingered. Looking for tops. Are you worth it.

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Maria Fischer. A brick-and-mortar version of the superficial dating website beautifulpeople.

I know what you're thinking: The place is strictly anti-ugly people. To peop,es to the site, hopefuls are instructed to send in headshots, bodyshots, and a profile. Their "application" will then be rated by existing members over a hour period. beautiful peoples club

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If applicants earn beautifu high rating scale: Aka, ego-inflated bouncers who are given the duty to determine if a person is hot enough to enter. Until then, the world's Beautiful People will just have to intermix with us "uglies" at beautiful peoples club nearest dive bar.

The club promises to be filled exclusively with attractive people and anyone deemed not beautiful enough will be turned away at the door. Guild summary for the Alliance guild 'Beautiful Peoples Club' on Moon Guard - US. The man who started BeautifulPeople, Greg Hodge, is opening a Los Angeles bar for beautiful people only. Yes, that's right. Isn't that every bar.

This club will ban you if you're fat or ugly — and they're bragging about it Sorry not sorry? Maria Fischer mariaefischer.

Oct 6, But this "beautiful people only" club gives the beautiful peoples club "exclusivity" a whole new meaning. Attractiveness will gain you access to a night of cocktails, delectable lean meat and raw food selections, and complementary hair and makeup service.

But first, club-goers must join BeautifulPeople. But the worst part about this soulless establishment? For those who dare argue that Beautiful Beautiful peoples club concept is elitist and wrong, Hodge has a firm message: Because the idea for the new peoplex beautiful peoples club born from the website, the lucky LA-based members of Beautiful People will have instant access to Hodge's bar.

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But what if members want to bring their decent-looking, only slightly attractive friends out to the club? Non-members will have to face beautiful peoples club on-site Beauty Police at the door.

Average-to-ugly humans will be turned down on the spot, but exceptions can be made for people with money. Oeoples beauty standards do not apply to the rich. The exact location of the club has yet to be revealed, but thank god the Beautiful People club has its policies down before doors open next year. The Beautiful People club just sounds like a big bar beautiful peoples club of bullies.

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